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Hualien Tourist Attractions

Ami Culture Village

Located south of Hualien, you can experience the culture and traditions of the Ami aboriginal tribe, Taiwan's largest ethnic minority. You can buy handicrafts and see a daily cultural show.

Taroko Gorge and Taroko National Park
This spectacular marble canyon is a world-class tourist attraction. The Taroko National Park encompasses 92,000 acres of the island's central mountain range. You will find some of Taiwan's most spectacular views here.

Hualien Farglory Ocean Park
No.189, Fude, Yanliao Village, Shoufeng Township
Hualien County
Tel: 886 3 8123 199
Located about 10 kilometers east of Hualien City, this is Taiwan's first theme park focused on marine ecology. A fun tourist place with a dolphin aquarium, a water park, sea lions, seals and amusement park rides.

Tzu Chi World Headquarters
1 Lane 88, Jingshe St., Kongle Village
Sincheng, Hualien County
886 3 8266779
Founded by Master Cheng Yen, Tzu Chi is a Buddhist charity organization with worldwide operations and millions of dedicated volunteers. The foundation's headquarters with its Japanese-style garden atmosphere is a tranquil spot to refresh and relax.
Located between the Tzu Chi Medical Center and the Tzu Chi University is the Still Thoughts Hall. It is worthwhile visiting the Buddhist chapel inside this Hall. Its most distinctive feature is its roof decorated with celestial figures based on the Buddhist sutras and the Mogao Caves in China. Exhibition halls display material about the foundation's charitable medical, educational and cultural activities. You can enjoy a free lunch at Tzu Chi's vegetarian cafeteria.

Stone Art Street
Located between Boai St. and Chongcing Rd., you will find an area of market stalls selling inexpensive marble statues and carvings, fossilized wood, jade and semi-precious stone jewelry.

Sheng An Temple and Cihhuei Temple
The two most important Taoist temples in Hualien are known for their power to heal the sick. Sheng An Temple is dedicated to the chief Taoist goddess Queen Mother of the West (Wang Mu Niang Niang) Cihhuei Temple is next to Sheng An and is dedicated to the same goddess but the shrine belongs to another sect and this temple's goddess is known as Golden Mother (Jinmu Niang Niang). Many pilgrims believe this goddess has special healing powers and come here to be cured.

Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum
Located at the Hualien County Cultural Center, you will find traditional and contemporary stone sculptures displayed here.

Yenpin Temple
Located near Zhongyang Rd. Sec. 4. Established in the Qing Dynasty, this is the oldest temple in Hualien.

Beibin Seashore Park, Nanbin Seashore Park and Meilun Seashore Park
A scenic area of palm trees and greenery that runs along the seashore. Drive along this coastal area and experience spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Hualien Creative & Culture Park
Corner of Zhonghua Rd. & Renai St.
Formerly a winery, it is now used for temporary exhibitions of local artists and cultural groups.

Taitung Tourist Attractions

Orchid Island (Lanyu)
Located 40 miles off the southeast coast of Taiwan's mainland, 2,000 aboriginals called Yami inhabit this island where they have tried to maintain their traditional lifestyle by fishing in richly decorated canoes, growing their own vegetables and raising livestock.

Bunun Foundation Village
No. 191, 11th Neighborhood, Taoyuan Village
Yanping Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
This aboriginal tribe has set up a cooperative combining tourism and their native culture. There is an arts and handicrafts center, shops, a restaurant serving typical Bunun food, rooms for visitors and a theater.

National Museum of Prehistory and Beinan Culture Park
No. 1 Museum Rd.
Taitung City, Taiwan
Tel: 886 89 381166
The museum and park give you an overview of Taiwan's natural and ancient histories including exhibits about its aboriginal tribes. The Beinan Culture Park is the site of a prehistoric Beinan settlement dating back 2,000 to 3,000 years. Here you will find archeologists excavating and uncovering historic treasures.

Green Island
Located off the coast of Taitung, this island is known for its rugged coastline, unique rock formations and beaches.

Dulan Sugar Refinery
61 Dulan Village
Taitung, Taiwan
Tel: 886 89 530060
Located in Taitung, this refinery is now a lively arts center with live music on Saturday nights.


Hualien Night Market

1. Nanbin Night Market
Hualien’s largest night market offers a delicious selection of fresh seafood snacks along with lovely sunsets overlooking the water. Located at Nanbin Park.