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Central Taiwan - Tourist Attractions

Taichung County Tourist Attractions

Houli Horse Farm
41 Sihshan Rd.
Houli Township, Taichung County
886 4 2556 2531
This recreational farm offers horse riding lessons, horse rides, archery and other activities.

Yamay Resort
115 Anmei Rd.
Houli Township, Taichung County
0800 054 080
Central Taiwan's most popular amusement park offering rides and many performances spread over six theme areas.

National Museum of Fine Arts
2 Sec. 1 Wu Chuan W. Rd.
Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: 886 4 2372 3552
This museum concentrates on Chinese art and antiquities and sometimes has Western exhibitions. In its gardens along with many sculptures, you will find 50 stone tablets representing different styles of calligraphy. 

Confucius Temple
No. 30, Sec. 2 Shuangshi Rd. North District
Taichung, Taiwan
Tel: 886 4 2233 2264
This temple has Song Dynasty Palace style architecture.

National Museum of Natural Science and Botanical Gardens
No. 1, Guancian Rd.
Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: 886 4 2322 6940
This museum focuses on Taiwan's plants, trees and climate. There are also IMAX shows in its Space Theater. The botanical gardens simulate the ecology of a tropical rain forest.

Jingming 1st Central Street
This pedestrian area full of restaurants  has street performances as well as art and cultural exhibitions on week-ends and holidays.

Tunghai University in Taichung
Located on Mount Dadu, you will find a chapel designed by the architect I.M.Pei on this university's campus.

Mala Bay Discovery World Water Park
108-18 An Mei Rd. Houli Hsiang
Taichung County
Located in the Taichung county town of Houli, this amusement park has hydro slides, children's pools, huge wave pools and a beach volleyball area. Next to the water park is the Discovery World amusement park with a space-exploration area. There are lots of rides, games, food, shops and performances.

Taichung Folklore Park
73 Lushun Rd. Sec. 3
Beitun District
886 4 2245 1310
Has an interesting and unique collection of antiques and traditional artifacts which show how Taiwanese people lived in the past.

Miaoli County Tourist Attractions

Located in Miaoli County, this is Taiwan's woodcarving center. Here you will find hundreds of stores and workshops selling woodcarvings.

Sanyi Woodcarving Museum
88 Guangsheng Village
Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
Tel: 886 3 787 6009
In the Sanyi Museum you will find information about woodcarving techniques as well as exhibitions of woodcarving sculpture.

Nantou County Tourist Attractions

Chung-Tai Chan Monastery
Located in Puli Township in Nantou County, Taiwan's largest Buddhist temple blends contemporary architecture with traditional elements. The temple is devoted to the Zen Buddhist philosophy. More than 100,000 followers visit each year. Other visitors come to participate in art and science seminars that explore the monastery's Chinese and Western architectural styles.

Located in Nantou County, this is one of Taiwan's historic towns with charming old streets, craft shops, lovely temples and spa resorts.

Taiyi Flower Education Park

176, Sec.1 Jhongshan Rd.
Puli Township, Nantou County
886 4 9290 1346
Here you can learn about all kinds of Taiwanese flowers and fruits. Also there is a restaurant serving flower-flavored foods.

Yushan (Jade Mountain)
300 Sec. 1, Jhongshan Rd.
Shueili Township, Nantou County
886 4 9277 3121
Taiwan's tallest peak, (3,952 meters high) Yushan is one of the island's most popular places for mountain climbing.

Wen-Wu Temple
Located in Yuchih Township near Sun Moon Lake, this temple is devoted to the Cultural and Martial Gods. These gods are believed to take care of all people.

Tse-En Pagoda
This pagoda, 46-meters high, is located on Sha Ban Lan Mountain and overlooks Lalu island and Sun Moon Lake.
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
45, Jintian Lane
Yuchih Township, Nantou
886 4 9289 5361
This theme park is focused on the diverse cultures and lifestyles of Taiwan's major aboriginal tribes. It also offers rides and other theme park attractions.

Sun Moon Lake
Situated in Yuchih, Nantou, Sun Moon Lake surrounds a tiny island called Lalu. The lake has been named Sun Moon because its eastern side looks like the sun and its western side like the moon. One of the most beautiful and scenic places in Taiwan. Home to Taiwan's smallest aboriginal tribe, the Thao.

Changhua County Tourist Attractions

Lukang (Lugang) Folk Arts Museum
Lane. 74 Zhongshan Rd.
Changhua County
886 2 777 2019
This 1920s Baroque mansion donated by the Koo Family (a well-known industrial family group) houses books, antique furniture, documents, portraits, musical instruments and more.

Taiwan Glass Gallery (TGG)
No. 30 Lugong South 4th Rd.
Lugang Township, Changhua County
886 4 781 1299
Located on the coast of Changhua County, outside an industrial park, gallery showcases glassworks and sells products to visitors. You will find samples of curved, colored and textured glass. There is a glassblower in residence who makes items on the spot. Also, there are shops where you can buy glass jewelry.


Taichung Night Markets

1. Fengjia Night Market
Here you will find low priced food, clothing and accessories. Located at Fuxing Rd. between Feng Chia University and Wenghua Rd.

2. Zhonghua Night Market
Famous for its wide variety of Taiwanese snack foods. Located on Zhonghua Rd. near Gongyuan Rd. and Minzu Rd., Taichung City.

3. Donghai Villa Night Market
Food and beverage and retail clothing stores can be found here. Nearby on Guoji Street, you will find antique shops, boutique shops, tea and coffee shops.
Located at the intersection of Dongyuan Lane and Xinxing Rd., Taichung City.

Changhua Night Market

1. Lugang Snacks
Food found here includes eel, oysters, sturgeon, river shrimp, birds-eye cake, shortcake, peanut candy, and Chinese bread. Located in Lugang Township, Changhua County.