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Southern Taiwan - Tourist Attractions

Kaohsiung Tourist Attractions

Kaohsiung Museum of History
272 Zhongzheng 4th Rd.
Kaoshiung City
Tel: 886 7 531 2560  ext. 312
This museum combines both Chinese and Western architecture and its exhibits are focused on the city's history.

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
20 Meishuguan Qian Rd.
Kaohsiung City
Tel: 886 7 555 0331
This museum is devoted to international exhibitions. It also has a sculpture park and an amphitheater.

National Science and Technology Museum
720 Jiouru 1st Rd. Sec. 1
San Min District, Kaohsiung
Tel: 886 7 380 0089
This museum shows ancient Chinese inventions as well as modern new scientific and technological advances. Museum has an Imax theater.

Lotus Lake
Huantan Rd.
Zuoying District, Kaohsiung
You will find colorful dragon and tiger pagodas, charming pavilions and a Confucius temple on Lotus Lake.

Foguanshan (Light of Buddha Mountain)
Dashu Township, Kaohsiung County
Tel: 886 7 656 1921  ext. 6203
This mountaintop Buddhist Monastery is one of the largest monasteries in Taiwan. It has meditation halls, pavilions, gardens, art galleries and more. It also has an extensive collection of Buddha statues.

Blue Lagoon Water Park
700 Kaisyuan 4th Rd.
Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City
886 7 811 9780
This theme park, surrounded by tropical vegetation has many amusement attractions.
Love River
Kaohsiung City
886 7 749 0515
Stroll alongside Love River with its charming riverside cafes and enjoy its beautiful and romantic views. You can also take a river tour on the "Love Boat."Love Boat departs at: Concert Hall Pier on Hedong Rd.

Kaohsiung City
One of Kaohsiung's oldest neighborhoods with small shopping streets, many snack food stands and temples.

Kaohsiung Municipal Film Archives
Kaohsiung City
A library with approximately 6,000 Chinese and international films. You can view these films for free on your own individual TV.

Tianhou (Empress of Heaven) Temple
2 Sihwei, 3rd Rd.
Ling Ya District, Kaohsiung City
This is one of Kaohsiung's oldest temples and is dedicated to the goddess Mazu, the protector of fisherman. Located on the western side of Kaohsiung on Cijin Island. Cijin Island is connected to Kaohsiung by tunnel.

Yuanheng Temple
Also called Rocky Temple, Yuanheng Temple was originally built in 1679 and rebuilt in 1926. This is an impressive and important Confucian Temple.

Pier 2 Art Center

No. 1, Dayong Rd.
Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City
This converted harbor warehouse is now an art space and international platform for artists to experiment and innovate.

Teresa Teng Memorial Museum
3D Badding, Tianting Warehouse, Hexi 1st Rd.
Gushan District, Kaohsiung City
886 7 531 2468
This museum focuses on the life and singing career of the legendary Teresa Teng.

PingTung Tourist Attractions

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
2 Houwan Rd. Houwan Village
Checheng Township, PingTung County
Tel: 886 8 882 5001
This museum has 3 main exhibition areas, the Waters of Taiwan, the Coral Kingdom and its newest exhibition, the Water of the World. This new fun exhibit allows visitors to experience such environments as the Deep Sea and the Polar Region through a virtual reality experience. 

Kenting National Park
596 Kenting Rd. 
Hengchun Township, PingTung County
Tel: 886 8 886 1321
This popular park also has some of Taiwan's best beaches as well as other nature activities for tourists.

Hengchun Old Town
Located on Taiwan's southern tip, this old city built in 1873 has the best preserved city wall in Taiwan (2,700 meters long).

Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park
No. 104
Majia Township, Pingtung County
886 8 799 1219
You will find handicrafts and costume displays, aboriginal cultural performances and copies of traditional buildings.

Tainan Tourist Attractions

Chihkan Tower (Fort Provintia)
212, Sec. 2 Minzu Rd.
Tainan City
886 6 220 5647
Built in 1653 by the Dutch, this is an excellent place to learn about Taiwan's early colonial history.

Anping Fort
82 Guosheng Rd.
Tainan City
886 6 226 7348
Originally built by the Dutch in the late Ming Period, this fort was later destroyed and rebuilt by the Japanese.

Erkunshen Fortress (Eternal Fortress)
3 Guangihou Rd.
Tainan City
886 6 295 1504
This fortress designed by a French engineer, was built in the Qing period to protect the city from Japanese invasion.

Tainan Confucius Temple
2 Nanmen Rd.
Tainan City
886 6 228 9013
This is Taiwan's most representative Confucius Temple. The oldest temple in Taiwan dedicated to the philosopher, Jheng Jing (Zheng Jing) the son of Koxinga. Temple is a good example of classical Chinese architecture.

Great Queen of Heaven Temple
(Datianhou Temple)
18, Lane 227, Sec. 2 Yongfu Rd.
Tainan City
886 6 221 1178
This historic temple is well-known for its beautiful carvings and tablets with imperial inscriptions. This is one of the oldest Taoist temples in Taiwan.
Koxinga's Shrine
152 Kaichan Rd.
Tainan City
886 6 213 5518
This famous shrine commemorates the Ming loyalist Cheng Cheng-Kung (Koxinga) who defended Taiwan against the Dutch.
Temple of the Five Concubines
201 Wufei St.
Central District Tainan
This temple was built to enshrine the five concubines who upon hearing of Prince Ning Jing's suicide in 1683, decided to also commit suicide. Behind the temples is the concubines tomb.
Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple
229 Yongfu Rd. Sec. 2
Central District, Tainan
This 17th century temple dedicated to Guangong, the god of prosperity and war, is one of the oldest and most authentic Taoist temples in Taiwan.

The Prefectural City God Temple

133 Cingnian (Qingnian) Rd.
Central District, Tainan
This is the largest of Tainan's City God Temples. Inside, you will find tablets describing good manners and proper etiquette.

Taiwan Salt Museum

This museum is dedicated to the collection, exhibition and education of solar salt production in Taiwan. It also serves to preserve the historical artifacts of the salt-works in Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung. Its museum shop sells a variety of salt products for personal use.

Sanshan Guowang Temple
No. 100 Ximen (Simen) Rd. Sec. 3
North District, Tainan City
The Sanshan Guowang are the "Kings of the Three Mountains". These Three Mountain deities are considered the protectors of the Chao people (mainly Hakka) which migrated from Guangdong China to Taiwan. The Sanshan Guo Wang are the protectors of the Hakka people. They protect them from disease and natural disasters. A distinctive feature of this temple is its vase shaped doorways.

Ten Drum Art Percussion Group and Ten Drum Culture Village
326 Wenhua Rd. Sec. 2
Rende Township, Tainan County
886 6 266 2225
Catch a class or a performance by Ten Drum Art Percussion Group at this old sugar factory.

Chiayi County Tourist Attractions

Alishan Forest Railway
Located in Chiayi County, you can experience an exciting train ride into the mountains and the Alishan scenic area. Alishan is one of only three mountain railways in the world. You can see Tsou aboriginal villages along the way.


Kaohsiung Night Markets

1. Liouhe Night Market
All kinds of specialty food and beverages are available here. Well-known for its papaya milk and salt-steamed shrimp.

2. Nanhua Night Market
Lots of different Taiwanese snack foods here plus many small shops and stalls for clothing and shoes. Located on Nanhua Road, Kaohsiung City.

Tainan Night Markets

1. Wusheng Night Market
No. 42, Lane 69, Wusheng Rd., West Central District, Tainan City.
One of Tainan’s best places for late night fun. You will find Tainan specialty foods, shops and entertainment here.

2. Garden Night Market
This large and conveniently located market offers a large variety of Tainan delicacies. You can also find clothing, accessories and other general items here.

Pingtung Night Market

1. Minzu Rd. Night Market
You can experience a variety of snacks including Pingtung meatballs, spearfish soup, vegetarian gelatin and sticky rice dumplings. Located on Minzu Rd. under Fuxing Rd. bridge, Pingtung City.

Chiayi Night Market

1. Wenhua Night Market
Packed with street food vendors, this night market offers an interesting variety of cuisines. Some of its famous dishes include fountain chicken rice, fried preserved cabbage and shrimp egg and Kuo-jung-chen flat noodle soup. Located at the fountain traffic circle on Zhongshan Rd.


Kaohsiung Shopping Areas

1. Hanshin-Talee-Isetan Commercial Circle
Located around Wufu 3rd Rd. and Chenggong 1st Rd.
Here you will find two big department stores carrying many of the major international fashion brands. You will also find many boutiques carrying higher priced fashionable items.

2. Sanduo Commercial Circle
Located at Sanduo 3rd Rd., Sec.3 and Sec.4
This is the place to shop for name brands. Nearby Wunheng 3rd Rd. has lots of boutiques.

3. Sinkujiang Shopping Circle
Located near Wufu 2nd Rd. and Wunheng 2nd Rd.
Small trendy boutiques, restaurants, fast-food chains, accessory and costume shops make this an ideal place for young fashion-conscious shoppers.

4. Yuansu Yujhu Commercial Circle
Located near Jhongshan 1st Rd., Yujhu 1st St. and Yujhu 2nd St.
You will find many small boutiques offering international styles at comparatively low prices. This is the place for young trend setters.