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Northern Taiwan - Tourist Attractions


National Palace Museum
221 Zhishan Rd. Sec. 2, Shilin District
Tel: 886 2 2881 2021
This museum houses the largest and most extraordinary collection of Chinese art and antiquities in the world.

Taipei 101
45 Shifu Rd.
Tel: 886 2 8101 7777
This is the second tallest building in the world. Designed by the Taiwanese architect C.Y. Lee, Taipei 101 was built to look like a bamboo stalk (a Chinese symbol of strength and longevity). Its indoor observatory on the 89th floor provides stunning views of the city.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
21 Zhongshan S. Rd.
Tel: 886 2 2342 1100
This structure was built to memorialize Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Kuomintang and president of the Republic of China. Chiang ruled Taiwan from 1949 until his death in 1975. This complex contains the National Theater and the National Concert Hall. Both buildings were built in Chinese palace style and many world class performances are held in these two venues.

Presidential Office Building
Located in Taipei's Zhongzheng District, the Presidential Office Building houses the Office of the President of Taiwan.

Presidential Museum
This recently opened museum is the first museum to focus on the country's presidents and vice-presidents. The museum's Baroque-style building was created by the Japanese architect Moriyama in 1924. Museum is located behind the Presidential Office and contains books, collections and archives that belonged to former presidents and vice-presidents. The public can view archives in digital form as well as browse through publications and books. The highlight of this museum is the diplomatic gifts received by former presidents.

National Museum of History and Botanical Gardens
49 Nanhai Rd.
Tel: 886 2 2361 0270
This museum contains many important historical artifacts and antiques. The botanical gardens lie adjacent to the museum on 20 acres and its major attraction is a stunning lotus pond.

Longshan Temple
211 Guangzhou St.
Tel: 886 2 2302 5162
Often referred to as Taiwan's Forbidden City, Longshan is one of Taiwan's oldest and most important temples. The temple houses 24 gods. Its two main deities are Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Mazu, the Taoist Goddess of the Sea. This temple is located in Wanhua, one of the oldest districts in Taipei.

Cingshuei (Qingshui) Temple
81 Kanding Rd.
Tel: 866 2 2371 1517
Devoted to the Song Dynasty Taoist monk Chen Chao-ying who provided medical care to the poor.

Taipei Confucius Temple
275 Dalong St.
886 2 2592 3934
This temple was designed in the subtle Fujian temple style. Every year on September 28th, the birthday of Confucius, a ceremony is held here.

Baoan Temple
61 Hami St.
886 2 2592 1676
This colorful, ornately designed temple is devoted to a multitude of gods. However, its main god is Baosheng Dadi,  God of Medicine.

Lin Family Mansion and Garden
9 Ximen St.
Tel: 886 2 2965 3061
Built in the Qing Dynasty, it is the most intact historical private garden in Taiwan.

Discovery Center of Taipei
1 Shifu Rd.
Tel: 886 2 2725 8630
One of Taipei's newest museums, it shows the different stages of Taipei's development through video displays, photographs, maps and more.

National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
505 Renai Rd. Sec. 4
Tel: 886 2 2758 8008
A memorial monument to Dr. Sun Yat-sen known as the founder of modern China. He was responsible for ending China's dynasties.

Taipei Astronomical Museum
363 Jihe Rd.
Tel: 886 2 2831 4551
This museum focuses on ancient astronomy as well as the present and future of planet earth, space, the galaxies and the universe. The museum also has an Imax Dome Theater.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum
181 Zhongshang N. Rd. Sec. 3
Tel: 886 2 2595 7656
Houses local and international collections of contemporary art. It has both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Yangmingshan National Park
A 25-minute drive from Taipei, this national park lets you experience Taiwan's rich natural beauty with its huge variety of plants and flowers, bamboo forests, mountains and hot springs.

Taipei Zoo
30 Sector 2, Hsin Kuang Rd.
Taiwan has the largest zoo in Asia. You can see koalas, black bears and more.

Taipei Tea Promotion Center
8-2 Lane 40, Jhinnan Rd. Sec. 3
Tel: 886 2 2939 1473
Learn about the varieties of tea and experience free tastings.

The Big Teapot Teahouse
37-1 Lane 38
Jhinnan Rd. Sec. 3
Tel: 886 2 2939 5615
Located in Mujha, in southeast Taipei, this is one of the best places to taste tea.

Museum of Contemporary Art
39 Chang'an W. Rd.
Tel: 886 2 2552 3721
Houses many temporary contemporary art exhibitions.

The Next Gene 20 Archi Showcase
A development of 20 statement houses from 20 world-class architects, located 50 minutes from Taipei.

A half hour subway ride from Taipei, Beitou is an ideal place to experience one of Taiwan's soothing hot springs.

Taipei Sea World
128 Jihe Rd., Shilin
Tel: 886 2 2880 2310
You can view this display of deep sea fish as you walk through a tunnel and feel as if you're visiting an underwater paradise.

Huashan Culture Park
1, Sec.1 Bade Rd.
Tel: 886 2 3343 6776
This park was a former winery which was converted into a venue for performances and other cultural activities.
Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
2-4F, No.99, Sec.5, Civic Blvd.
This Center has displays and exhibits about the traditional art of puppetry as well as classes and performances.

Chih-shan Garden
221, Sec. 2, Zhishan (Jhihshan) Rd.
Shilin (Shihlin) District
Tel: 886 2 2881 2021
Located next to the National Palace Museum, Chih-shan Garden is a great place to experience the beauty of classical Chinese landscape design.

Zhinan Temple
Located on the north side of The Maokong Valley, this is one of Taiwan's most important religious centers. It combines Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist practices.

228 Peace Park
Taipei City
This park founded in 1987 by the Japanese was originally called New Park. Its name was changed to 228 Peace Park in 1996 to commemorate those who died in the 228 Incident of Feb. 28, 1947. During the day, you can see many senior citizens practicing Tai Chi and playing Chinese chess.

National 228 Memorial Museum
This new museum is dedicated to the victims of the February 28, 1947 incident in which Taiwanese throughout the island rebelled against the government after their requests for reforms had not been met. A rebellion took place and many people died.

Taiwan Storyland
B2, 50 Zhongxiao West Rd. Sec. 1
Tel: 886 2 2388 7158
Located next to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Taipei Main Station, Storyland recreates Taiwan city living during a bygone era, the 1950s, with replicated buildings, shops, and even food such as tra bing (shaved ice) from that time period.

Spot-Taipei  Film House
Zhongshan North Rd. Sec. 2

The former residence of the US Ambassador has been turned into an art center focusing on independent films. It offers screenings of art and independent films. It has a cafe, restaurant and book store which sells art and independent film DVDs.

Futai Street Museum
A neo-Renaissance building located at the corner of Yanping South Road and Boai Road. This Mansion is the only existing stand-alone colonial structure built during the time of Japanese colonial rule (1895-1945). Recently restored, it is now open to the public as a museum. Visitors can learn more about Taipei and its historical influences.

Jianguo Holiday Jade Market
Located between Renai Road and Jinan Road, this market has about 1,000 stands and vendors selling jade items including jewelry, lucky charms, bowls, vases as well as other semi-precious stones. Open on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines
282, Sec. 2 Chih-shan Rd.
Shihlin, Taipei
Tel: 886 2 2841 2611
Established in 1994, this museum displays the artifacts of Taiwan's indigenous peoples. The Museum is dedicated to the research and preservation of Aboriginal culture.

Grass Mountain Chateau
89 Hudi Rd.
This was the late Chang-Kai Shek's former summer residence. The chateau's four buildings have now become art workshops providing free stays for Taiwanese artists to create artwork.


Yingge Museum
No. 200 Wunhua Rd.
Yingge Township
Tel: 886 2 8677 2727
The town of Yingge is well known for its ceramic factories and shops.This museum has a wide range of ceramic exhibitions.

Museum of World Religions
236 Zhongshan Rd. Sec. 1
Yonghe District
Tel: 886 2 8231 6699
Founded in 2001 by Master Hsin Tao, a monk born in Myanmar to Chinese parents, this unique museum showcases 10 of the world's great religions. Its Great Hall of World Religions provides an overview of the major world religions. The Meditation Gallery and Hall of Life's Journey provide a fascinating high-tech presentation of birth, death and the afterlife. Many excellent and exciting multi-media presentations can be found here.

Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology

Showcases artifacts belonging to the Shihsanhang people who occupied Taiwan from about the 3rd century AD to the 16th century.


Baisha (White Sand) Beach
The loveliest beach in Northern Taiwan.
Cape Fugui
A Fisherman's Market where you can have a delicious seafood lunch along with some beautiful panoramic sea views from Taiwan's northern most point.

Chung Cheng Park
See the statue of the Goddess of Mercy

Yehliu Geo Park
886 2 2492 2016
Here you will find the Queen's Head said to resemble the famous bust of Nefertiti as well as caves and unique rock formations.

Keelung City

A north coast port city known for its sandy beaches and rocky coastline.

Sheng-an Temple
A colorful temple established in 1949 devoted to the worship of the Queen Mother of the West (a deity worshipped in ancient China).

Dharma Drum Mountain
14-5 Lin 7, Sanjie Village
Jinshan Township
Tel: 886 2 24987171
Situated in a quiet riverside setting, this monastery is an ideal place for a spiritual retreat.

The Gold Ecological Park
First museum in Taiwan to be built as an ecology museum. It shows Jinguashi's nature, scenery, mining remains, history and culture.

Chuifen Village
This lovely village has well-preserved temples and shrines as well as antique and curio shops.

Taipei City Night Markets

Shilin (Shida) Market
Taipei's largest night market is the most popular place in Taipei for food, drink, entertainment, fortune tellers and bargain shopping. Located between Wunlin Rd., Dadong Rd. and Anping St.

Guanghua Market
At this market, you will find hundreds of retailers selling laptops, notebooks, desktop computers, software, digital cameras, mobile phones and other electronic goods. Located at No.8, Sec. 3, Civic Blvd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City.

Huasi (Huaxi) Tourist Night Market
This market is also known as "Snake Alley." Once famous for its snake restaurants and fortune tellers, it now only has a few snake restaurants. People come here to eat, buy clothing, luggage, books and souvenirs. Located between Siyuan Rd. and Huanhe S. Rd.

Raohe Night Market
This crowded and colorful night market has hundreds of vendors selling handicrafts, herbal medicines and Taiwanese snack foods. Located at the intersection of Bade St. and Fuyuan St.

Taipei City Shopping Areas

Simending (Ximending)

This trendy area in Western Taipei attracts young people to its department stores, malls, cinemas and restaurants.

Jhongsiao (Zhongxiao) East Rd. Sec. 4
Located in the Dinghao area, you will find department stores, high and mid-end stores and restaurants.

Renai Circle/Dunhua South Rd
You will find designer label boutiques here. Located near Zhongxiao East Rd. Sec. 4. 

Shinyi (Xinyi) District
Close to the Taipei World Trade Center, you will find a large concentration of department stores, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment. Neo 19 Building in the heart of Shinyi is where the chic and wealthy Taiwanese come to shop and have fun.

Miramar Entertainment Park
20 Jingye 3rd Rd. Taipei City
You will find Asia's largest IMAX screen and its second largest ferris wheel in this new shopping center in Dazhi.


Fugang Village

Yangmei Township, Hsinchu County
Fugang is a Hakka Village well known for its traditional Hakka houses and culture.

Leofoo Theme Park

No. 60 Gongzihgou, Ren-an Village
Guanshi Township, Hsinchu County
This theme and safari park features a wildlife zoo, themed areas and amusement park rides. Its four theme villages include: an exotic and magical "Arabian Kingdom", a spectacular wild-life "African Safari", a tropical Polynesian "South Pacific" and a 19th century American style "Wild West."


Window on China
60-2 Henggansia
Gaoyuan Village, Longton Township, Taoyuan County
This tourist site has miniature replicas of famous structures including the Forbidden City, The Sphinx and the Eiffel Tower.


National Center of Traditional Arts
201 Wubin 2nd Rd.
Jisin Village, Wujie Township, Yilan County
Tel: 886 3 950 7711
This new center has many facilities focusing on traditional arts including an opera center, a crystal glass studio and more. On holidays, you can experience Taiwanese opera, hand puppet and acrobatic performances as well as other traditional arts.

Lanyang Museum
The recently opened Lanyang Museum in Yilan county, spectacularly designed, and modelled on the shape of the cuesta rocks found in northeast Taiwan, has won this year's Eastern Architectural Design Award. Designed by Kris Yao and Artech, the museum has integrated the concept of an ecological museum with its surrounding wetlands environment. The museum directly faces the Pacific Ocean and its unique setting gives it a floating appearance. It also provides an opportunity to learn about the history of Lanyang Plain. 

Yilan Night Markets

1. Luodong Night Market
You will find native cuisines here including oyster omelette, sausage stuffed tofu, sweet potato powder, longfeng legs, smoked duck and thick rice noodles. Located in the center of Luodong Township, near Zhongshan Park, Yilan County.

2. Dongmen Night Market
An excellent variety of traditional Yilan snacks and a good place for shopping. Located under Donggang Bridge near Yilan Train Station.