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Penghu Islands
Penghu Islands - Tourist Attractions

Penghu Aquarium
No.58, Qitou Village, Baisha Township
Penghu County

Tel: 886 6 993 3006
Learn about fishing history and aquaculture at this modern Aquarium. Walk through a tunnel and view the variety of colorful fish and other sea creatures in Penghu's waters.

Ancient Houses of Erkan
Located on Siyu Island, Erkan is a small village with several well-preserved old residences built in the typical Fujian style. The village dates back over 300 years. Erkan Village No. 20 offers visitors a view of the traditional village lifestyle, with its display of antique furniture, appliances and artifacts. Different historic houses showcase herbal medicine, traditional village living, and folk songs. One of these houses has been turned into a museum for "praise song", Erkan's special music and literary heritage. These songs were written and passed down through generations by local people and deal with such themes as love, separation and the Erkan people's ability to survive and thrive in foreign lands. To experience the local flavor of the Erkan Village, you can stay in Erkan's only hostel, a traditional house furnished with modern amenities. There are also three temples in this small village.

Sitai Fort
Located at the southern end of Siya Island, Sitai Fort was built in 1887 to guard against invasion from the sea.

A small fishing village between Shihli and Fongguei where you can see fishermen drying their fish in the sun.

Tianhou Temple
Located in the center of Magong City, the temple built in 1592, is dedicated to Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea and the guardian of fishermen. This is the oldest Mazu Temple in Taiwan.

Central Old Street
Located close to Magong Harbor, this is the oldest street in Penghu and also the first Han Chinese settlement in Taiwan. Its most important building is Tianhou Temple.

Crab Museum
Museum has a collection of more than 300 types of crab, most of which are found in the seas surrounding Taiwan.

Penghu Living Museum
327 Xinsheng Rd.
Tel: 886 6 921 0405
Opened in 2009, this museum was built to show the history, culture and lifestyles of the Penghu Islands.

Penghu Outlying Islands

Just a 30-minute ferry ride south from Magong, this island is known for its Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Center.

Cimei, also known as Seven Beauties is famous for its Twin Hearts Stone Weir, a double heart-shaped fishing weir that Penghu fishermen creatively designed to catch fish.

A short ferry ride from the main island of Penghu, this island is known for its long and beautiful beaches.