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1) E-Da Hospital

1, Yi-Da Road

Jiau-shu Tsuen Yan-chau Shiang

Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

Tel: 886 7 615 0011



E-Da Hospital has the look and feel of a 5-star hotel. It offers a wide range of medical services including total joint replacement, bariatric surgery, treatment of esophageal and voice reconstruction, treatment of hyperhidrosis, brachial plexus injury treatment, prostate laser surgery, polysomnography and catheterization examination with intervention.


In 2009, its Bariatric and Metabolic International (BMI) Surgery Center was the first center in Asia-Pacific to obtain the International Center of Excellence (ICE) designation. This designation is a basis for insurance payment in the United States and is also the standard for excellent and safe surgery. In addition, it is a member of the Asia Pacific Bariatric Surgery Society and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity.

Its International Center specializes in check-ups, weight loss and aesthetic treatments. Its waiting room has TV and computer access and beds are available for short rests during the day for the patient's family and friends. Its International Endoscopic Obesity Center specializes in laparoscopic bariatric surgery, and counseling and management for eating disorders, weight loss, and Diabetes II.

The hospital received Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation in 2008 and was the first JCI accredited hospital in southern Taiwan.


E-Da Hospital has invested heavily in state-of-the-art medical equipment. It has established a Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Center, which allows brain cancer patients to undergo surgery under partial anesthesia and leave the next day. Its PET/CT machine gives more accurate images which enables doctors to make better diagnoses and treatment assessments. Its Linear Accelerator focuses radiation directly on tumors, lessening damage to normal tissue.


The hospital's Medical Imaging Center has the first 64-row CT scanner in Kaohsiung, which can detect lung tumors as small as 0.1 cm in size.


E-Da has recently introduced Rapid Arc, a new radiotherapy technology for treating cancer patients which decreases the treatment time and also improves the accuracy and effectiveness of radiotherapy.

To give its patients a sense of warmth and comfort, the hospital offers a host of cultural activities including piano performances in the lobby, painting and sculpture exhibitions and other activities that give patients a more relaxed feeling.

2) Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

No. 100 Tzyou 1st Rd.
Tel: 886 7 312 1101, ext. 5500

Established in 1957, this 1,600 bed hospital is one of the largest in southern Taiwan. Its Departments include Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, Dermatology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Radiotherapy, Dentistry, Rehabilitation Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Nuclear Medicine, Medical Imaging and Anesthesiology.

Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital's Orthopedic Department performs elbow and shoulder surgery, sports medicine, hand surgery, microsurgery, ankle and foot surgery, spine surgery, orthopedic surgical oncology, pediatric orthopedics, general orthopedics and minimally invasive surgeries.

The hospital's facial Cosmetic Surgery services include double eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, nasal augmentation, face lift, facial sculpting, chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, body contouring and endoscopic surgery for varicose veins.

Its International Medical Service Center (IMSC) provides services including craniofacial reconstruction, total joint replacement; cardiovascular and cardiac intervention including percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI); cardiovascular surgery including open heart surgery, and transcatheter radio frequency ablation for cardiac arrhythmias.

The hospital offers comprehensive high-tech health check-ups using the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment including a 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner and a 64-slice computed (CT) scanner. Its Positron Emission Tomography Center enables physicians to detect early stage cancers such as lung, colorectal, breast and more. It uses state of the art tests and equipment to detect malfunctions in the brain.

In 2007, KMUH received ISP 27001 certification. In 2009, the hospital received accreditation from the Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation.


3) Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital

134 Kaisyuan 2nd Road

Lingya District Kaohsiung City

Tel: 886 7 751 1131



In 1978, this hospital originally established in 1914 and called "Takao Hospital," became the Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital located in Kaohsiung, the southern part of Taiwan. Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital is a regional teaching hospital certified by the Department of Health.


The hospital was set up to take care of veterans and their families. This hospital specializes in the treatment of infectious diseases and is the only public medical center in southern Taiwan. 


Its Departments include Internal Medicine, Surgery, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, Psychiatry, and more.

It has a Medical Aesthetics Center, Rehabilitation Center, Health Examination Center, Respiratory Care Ward and a Nursing Home.

4) San-An Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital
No. 177 Meishu East Rd.
Kaohsiung City
Tel: 886 7 522 3138

This hospital located in Kaohsiung, in southern Taiwan, specializes in obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics and neonatology. It has an Infertility Center and a Post-Partum Nursing Care Center.

Its Infertility and Reproductive procedures include artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, and sperm and egg donations. It uses minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for certain gynecologic and obstetric conditions.

Its Post-Natal Nursing Care Center allows new and expectant mothers to rest and recover in a comfortable environment.

Yuan’s General Hospital                                                                                                        
162 Cheng Kung 1st Rd.                                                                                                           
Ling Ya District , Kaohsiung City
Tel: 886 7 335 1121                                                                                              


Yuan’s General Hospital, founded in 1946, is well known for delivering expert medical care using state-of-the-art technologies to the population of southern Taiwan.

Its Cardiovascular treatments include coronary artery bypass, cardiac valve repair and replacement, angioplasty and vascular stenting and aneurysm treatment. Its coronary artery stenting has a success rate of over 90%.

It offers fertility procedures including Assisted Reproductive Techniques such as IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Its Orthopedic Surgery Department performs artificial joint replacement using minimally invasive procedures and has a success rate of 96% with a significantly shortened recovery period.

Its Digestive Disease treatments focus on diseases of the liver, gall bladder and the digestive tract.

Its Cosmetic Medicine Center uses the latest techniques and technologies and performs blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), liposuction, dermabrasion, breast augmentation, surgical facelifts, glycolic acid peel and laser therapy.

Yuan's high tech health examinations focus on cardiovascular problems, cerebro-vascular disease and cancer detection. Its advanced diagnostic equipment includes positron emission tomography (PET), a 64-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner, linear accelerator, tomotherapy, and interventional magnetic resonance imaging.


1) St. Martin de Porres Hospital                                                                                                         
No. 565, Sec. 2, Daya Rd.                                                                                                     
Chiayi City, Taiwan                                                                                                                    
Tel: 886 5 275 6000                                                                                                

St. Martin de Porres Hospital, was founded in 1966, with the principles of serving the sick, the poor and the needy by providing holistic medical care to the body, mind and soul.

In 1990, the Department of Health certified it as a regional teaching hospital.

In 1997, it established the first Nuclear Medicine Department in the Chiayi-Tainan area with its purchase of a Vari Cam Gamma Camera. It was also the first hospital in the area to use ruby and carbon dioxide lasers in its Cosmetic Surgery Department.

It opened its Breast Care Center in 2002 and two years later established its Diabetic Care Center.

Its Specialty Departments include Cardiovascular, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Family Medicine and Pediatrics.

The hospital specializes in artificial joint replacement surgery and in treating osteoporosis, arthritis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and bone fractures using the most up-to-date minimally invasive surgical techniques including arthroscopic surgery.

2) Buddhist Tzu Chi Dalin General Hospital
No. 2 Minsheng Rd. Dalin Township
Chiayi County, Taiwan
Tel: 886 5 264 8000

Established in 2008, this Buddhist Tzu Chi branch hospital has 1,200 beds. Hospital has a Cardiovascular Center and offers 24-hour cardiac critical care. It specializes in treating cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure and cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases. It is also well-known for providing leading-edge therapeutic solutions for osteoarthritis.

Its Preventive Medicine Center provides health examinations with a focus on screening for cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and cancer.



1) Chi Mei Medical Center

Yong Kang Branch:

901, Chung Hwa Rd.

Yong Kang City, Tainan County

Tel: 886 6 281 2811

Liou Ying Branch: 

201, Taikang Village

Liou Ying Township, Tainan County

Tel: 886 6 622 6999



Chi Mei Medical Center has served the greater Tainan area (Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan) since 1968. This non-profit 2,203 bed facility has two branches, Yong King and Liou Ying.

Yong King’s expertise lies in hemodialysis, neonatal care, acute care, wound and burn, respiratory therapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, infertility, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cancer. Its Departments include Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.


Liou Ying’s Departments include: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, Chinese Medicine, Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology, and Dentistry.


In 2004, the Liou Ying branch of Chi Mei Hospital opened as a medical center to treat cancer patients in southern Taiwan. The branch hospital specializes in radiology examinations for chest, abdomen, bones (extremities) and urinary tract. The hospital has invested greatly in state of the art technological equipment for diagnosing and treating cancer. Its moving fluoroscopy equipment helps doctors locate more precisely the area of a tumor resulting in less tissue damage.


2) National Cheng Kung University Hospital

No. 138, Sheng Li Rd.
Tainan, Taiwan

Tel: 886 6 235 3535



National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH), established in 1985, is a national level teaching hospital and a medical center with Department of Health (DOH) accreditation. It is the primary referral center in southern Taiwan for critical care and rare diseases.

It specializes in minimally invasive joint replacement surgery, cardiovascular treatment and surgery, craniofacial and plastic surgery, infertility treatment, high-quality health exams, medical aesthetic laser treatments, and integrated cancer care by providing customized, patient-oriented cancer treatment programs. It has a high rate of successful finger-transplantations.