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Tzu Chi Foundation

Tzu Chi World Headquarters
1 Lane 88, Jingshe St., Kongle Village
Sincheng, Hualien County
886 3 826 6779


Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital Hualien/ Tzu Chi Medical Center
No. 707, Sec. 3, Zhongyang Rd.
Hualien County 970
886 3 856 1825

Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center
No. 701, Sec. 3, Zhongyang Rd.
Hualien County 970
886 3 856 1825

In 1966, Dharma Master Cheng Yen established the Tzu Chi Foundation Hualien, on the east coast of Taiwan.

Master Cheng Yen established the Tzu Chi Free Clinic for the poor. In 1986, the Hualien Tzu Chi General Hospital opened. Tzu Chi expanded its Taiwan medical network by opening additional hospitals in Yuli, Guanshan, Dalin, Taipei and Taichung.

After confirming that bone marrow transfer can save lives without harming the donor, Master Cheng started Tzu Chi marrow donor registry in 1993 which in 2002 became the Buddhist Tzu Chi Bone Marrow Stem Cell Centre. In addition to its marrow data bank functions, this institution does research on stem cells and gene therapy. It has also established an umbilical cord blood repository.

The medical staff supported by large numbers of volunteers aims to ensure the care of the entire body, mind and soul of each patient.

The Tzu Chi Foundation USA, has introduced its "Veggie Country Passport", a unique program which enables people to keep track of their vegetarian diet, begin eating healthy vegetarian meals, and discover delicious vegetarian recipes. According to Tzu Chi, by adhering to a vegetarian diet, you show your respect and compassion for all living things, and also you help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

To learn more about Tzu Chi's "Veggie Country Passport" please go to:

Shin Kong Life Foundation

37 Floor #66 Section Chung-Hsiao West Road.
Taipei 100, Taiwan
Tel: 886 2 2389 5858

The Shin Kong Life Foundation arranges health services, donates medical equipment and supports medical research. Since its inception in 1963, Shin Kong Life has been promoting social welfare activities. In 1973, it established The Shin Kong Life Scholarship Foundation and in 1974 Shin Kong Wu Family Foundation was set up to carry out its public welfare activities. IN 1983, it established the Shin Kong Life Foundation (SKF.) 

Today the foundation has a total endowment of 3.83 million USD. In addition to its contributions to healthcare and medicine, it also supports the poor, the disabled, senior citizens, women and children, disaster victims as well as various academic, athletic, artistic, cultural and public service activities.

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps

5F, No.1, Alley 8, Sihwei Lane, Chung Cheng Rd.,
Sindian City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 886 2 3912 1001

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps is a non profit foundation which provides medical services and health education. Founded in 1995, by Dr. Chi-Chun Liu, who organized medical personnel and community volunteers to work together in providing primary health care and disseminating health information to communities in need. TRMPC began by bringing medical care to indigenous populations in Taiwan's remote mountain areas. In 1998, it extended its services to populations in developing nations. Since then it has sent immediate emergency help to refugee camps and treated victims of natural disasters in such places as Bolivia, Indonesia, Liberia, Peru and Swaziland among other countries.

TRMPC sets up temporary medical clinics, provides free medical care, disseminates educational material, conducts research on tropical diseases and HIV/AIDS and cooperates with other international heath NGOs  on medical services, training and donation of supplies.

Chang Yung Fa Charity Foundation

Established by Dr. Y. F. Chang, founder and chairman of the Evergreen Group, this foundation provides charitable medical aid and emergency relief on an ongoing basis. Each year more than 1,000 donations, totaling tens of millions of dollars are given for medical aid, emergency relief, funeral subsidies and other charitable purposes.

All potential aid recipients are well screened by the foundation's staff to ensure that every donation goes to a worthy and honest cause. The foundation has also set-up a network of notification channels in major hospitals to gather information about patients who cannot afford to pay their necessary medical care.

Dr. Chang has also established the Chang-Yung Fa Foundation which focuses on culture, art and education.

The Evergreen Group, a private company with individual ownership, has a global presence in air, sea and land transportation. It also owns hotels and resorts. The company has over 27,000 employees and more than 220 offices/agents worldwide. It comprises about 30 major corporations worldwide, 3 of which are listed on Taiwan's Stock Exchange.

Tung Chung-Sheng Cultural and Educational Foundation

Founded in 1996, the Tung Chung-Sheng Cultural and Educational Foundation was established by Dr. Jai-Chin Tung, the founder of Tung's Taichung Metro Hospital and his family.

Dr. Tung believed that all patients should be treated equally regardless of whether they were rich or poor. This foundation's missions are:

1. To promote national healthcare and hygiene knowledge.
2. To assist the government and public welfare groups in developing and fostering programs that are beneficial to teenagers.
3. To establish scholarships which encourage educational research.
4. To establish scholarships which encourage creative writing.
5. To establish other social welfare programs.

Dr. Jai-Chin Tung has donated NT3,000,000 to this foundation.

Chou TaKuan Cultural and Educational Foundation

Tel: 886 2 2917 8875

This foundation was established in 1997 by Chou Chin-Hua and Guo Ying-Lan (parents of Chou TaKuan) to commemorate the memory of their son Chou TaKuan, a young poet and musician who valiantly fought cancer until he died at age 10. His experience battling cancer and his courage and optimism are chronicled in two books: “I Still Have One Leg” and “TaKuan – The Wishes of a Child Fighting Cancer”.

To keep Chou TaKuan’s spirit alive and spread his message of “love your life and live it happily”, the foundation holds workshops, seminars, and conferences to communicate TaKuan’s vision to the public. The foundation holds Art Fairs each year for the mentally and physically ill to exhibit their work.

The foundation helps families with seriously ill children, through counseling, visits and events. It donates revenue to local public welfare associations to help those in need. It has also set up a scholarship program for doctors studying cancer and rare diseases.

In Chou TaKuan’s memory, a “Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal – We’re Born to Serve” has been established and is awarded to people throughout the world in the categories of bravery, benevolence, diligence and achievement.

Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation

Rm 708, 7F, 54, Min-Sheng East Rd. Sec. 4
Taipei City
Tel: 886 2 2719 0408

Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation undertakes medical missions abroad by working with specific medical centers. Every year, Taiwan doctors participate in missions to teach local doctors surgical techiques to help patients with cleft lips and palates. The foundation also arranges for foreign doctors and nurses to come to Taiwan and participate in a training program held at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The foundation has performed cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries in Cambodia, China, the Dominican Republic, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

ORBIS Taiwan

3F, 118, Tun-Hwa North Rd.
Taipei City
Tel: 886 2 2546 5046

ORBIS Taiwan participates in the sight-seeing medical missions of ORBIS International on its Flying Eye Hospital, a DC-10 wide-body aircraft which has been converted into a teaching facility and an ophthalmic surgical center. One of its top priorities is training ophthalmologists in developing countries who specialize in children's eye surgery. Since 1982, the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital and its international medical team have conducted treatment and training programs in over 70 countries.

Puhsein Foundation

3F, 22 Lane 343 Chi-Lin Rd.
Taipei City
Tel: 886 2 2598 0045

Master Hui-Li established the Puhsein Foundation which raises funds to purchase and donate wheelchairs to African countries. Since 1998, the foundation has donated over 10,000 wheelchairs, medicine and therapeutic instruments to Tanzania, Cameroon, Malawi, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Chad.

The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China

10F, 276, Chian-Kuo South Rd. Sec. 2
Taipei City
Tel: 886 2 2362 8232

The Red Cross Society helps refugees in times of conflict and provides assistance to disaster victims.

Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders


Established in 1999, Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders' mission is to improve the lives of patients suffering from rare diseases. The foundation helps patients to receive medical treatment obtain special rare disease drugs and special nutrients and rehabilitation.