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We handle all personal information submitted to this website with the utmost care and strictest confidence. Information sent by you to this site is only used with your consent to fulfill your medical tourism requests. We do not sell or share any information given to us by potential medical tourists with any third parties.

At any time, you may ask us to delete your information from our website by emailing us at: info@TaiwanMedicalandCosmeticTourism.com. Upon receipt of your email we will immediately remove all your information from our system.


By accessing or viewing any of the information contained in this site, you indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this disclaimer.

TaiwanMedicalandCosmeticTourism.com is a medical tourism facilitator which provides information about medical, dental, health, cosmetic, beauty and travel services in Taiwan in order to help you make a more informed decision about your Taiwan Medical Tourism needs.

We do not advise about any issues relating to medical, dental, health, cosmetic and beauty treatments, nor do we choose a particular doctor or hospital for you.

We do not recommend or endorse any specific hospitals, doctors, dentists, health practitioners, procedures, diagnostic tests, services or products. However, we do facilitate your contact with the appropriate medical and health professionals, hospitals and services after you have made your own decision to travel to Taiwan for medical, dental, health, cosmetic or beauty treatment.

We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any advice, diagnosis, treatment, services, or products given by any doctor, dentist or other health professional, or any tourism source, or for any malpractice claims that may result from such treatments, services, information, or products you may have obtained from our website, or through emails or phone calls with our staff or our representatives.

We are not responsible for the content of any hospital's website, any treatment provider's website, any tourism facilities and services websites, any advertiser's website or any third party website listed on our website or accessed through links to our website.

Our website is only a guide and is not a substitute for professional medical advice from a qualified and certified doctor or health practitioner. We recommend that you do your own research and/or consult your own doctor about your decision to travel to Taiwan for your medical, dental, health, cosmetic and beauty treatments. Also, you may need your doctor's help in providing the health records required by the hospital in Taiwan as well as any necessary follow-up to the procedure when you come back home.

We do not charge any fees for our services nor do we mark up any costs from hospitals, clinics, doctors, hotels, spas, and other tourist services.

We earn our money through advertising and sponsorship. The advertisers, sponsors, and any other supporters of our website have no influence on our editorial content. These advertisements and sponsorships are not implied or expressed endorsements of any person, product, service or institution found on our website.

Our website, our staff and representatives will not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences, losses or damages, personal injury, or death as a result of using any information, products or services obtained through this website.

Your continued use of this website will act as an acknowledgment of your having read and having agreed to this disclaimer and a waiver of any claims you may have against TaiwanMedicalandCosmeticTourism.com and its employees and representatives.